Pikes Peak Wedding On A swirl cupcakes 14,000 Foot Mountaintop

At Mile 4 , you’ll pass another “passing lane” on the Cog Rails and get your first view of Pikes Peak in the distance. When you reach Mile Marker 5, you’ll really start to feel the cog rail engaging at the steepness of the incline increases. You’ll also get to enjoy the terrific views to the south as tree line fades below. There is a great food court/snacks/gift shop building with restrooms at the top of Pikes Peak called the Summit House. Be sure and try some of their world famous donuts, and their over sized pretzels if you get a chance, as well as a variety of other foods/drinks. If you miss your train, it’s a long walk down the mountain, or expensive to catch another one, which may not be available that day due to limited seating.

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  • At Mile 4 , you’ll pass another “passing lane” on the Cog Rails and get your first view of Pikes Peak in the distance.
  • As you near the top of the Sub Alpine Zone, the shorter shrubs and bushes of the lower elevations disappear and most of the taller trees are stunted.
  • Carriage rides to the summit for those who did not want to hike or ride horseback.
  • The Pikes Peak Highway, however, brought some negative environmental impacts to the surrounding areas, most notably in the Severy Creek Basin.
  • You’ll also be able to use this short stop to check out Minnehaha Falls.

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There is plenty of free parking and swirl cupcakes will even be able to accommodate RVs. If you choose to take a private tour, we will pick you up from the location of your choice within Manitou Spring or Colorado Springs. You’ll feel more like you’re on a backcountry adventure as you hike away from the Crags Campground. But it’s still Colorado, so you’ll see plenty of other people getting their outdoor recreation on.

Ways To Reach The Summit

While the views outside are stunning, the peak of Pikes Peak isn’t always the warmest of locations — even in the middle of summer. That means you just might need to spend a bit of your visit warming up indoors and that’s why the updates to the interior of the Pikes Peak Summit Visitor Center are so very exciting. New features abound, each one meant to create an immersive, customizable experience for visitors. Once you make it to the summit you can take in the incredible views, snap plenty of photos, and then explore the new Summit House. Keep in mind that the weather at the summit can be very cold, even in the summer, so come prepared with layers.

There isn’t much potable water on the way up, so make sure you carry plenty with you and bring a water purifying system to top up from streams. You have two options to ascend the scenic Pikes Peak.If you’re hiking Pikes Peak via the Crags, your best option is to camp at the Crags Campground. The closest town to the Crags Campground is Divide, Colorado. While Divide does have a restaurant and small store, it isn’t the full-service town that Manitou Springs is.

Pikes Peak Wedding On A Mountaintop

Over time, Pikes Peak became a source of great wealth. The more than 600,000 people who reach the top enjoy the Summit House’s gift shop, observation deck, and restaurant (famous for its donuts enhanced by high-altitude effects on baking). In addition to the cog railway and highway, the mountain hosts biking, running, and even skateboarding races.

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Located on one of Colorado’s highest mountains, Summit House Restaurant serves diners their world-famous donuts at a 14,000-foot altitude. Even with the high altitude at the top of Pikes Peak, the lines here can get long. Many, like Alton, opt for picnicking right outside.